I’ve started watching the Stalker pilot and a thought crossed my mind. Why is it always that in all these tv-shows there’s a male character that is an eccentric genius with all the Sherlock Holmes flair who concludes stuff judging from things we normally don’t notice that’s being kind of dumped on a female character that has to deal with him, and goes like Oh, maaan, but can’t do anything, because, well, he’s always right? I mean, look, there’s Elementary, The Mentalist, Stalker, Forever and that sort of thing. Why is it never the other way around?
I would love to play a female eccentric genius, with a little bit of Poe-esque flair, you know, like, hmm, that woman’s been stuffed into a chimney and the other’s been thrown out of the window with her head cut off, they were definitely killed by an orangutang.



so tired of Hollywood casting tall, thin, gorgeous blonde white women in the role of Awkward Single Girl That No One Wants to Date. (and of course in the end she lands a Colin Firth type or a Ryan Gosling type or something)

how about no. how about I show you what that girl actually looks like IRL, and how about I show you what really happens to her in the end because, um, where’s my Colin Firth